Memento Films International

El Violin

Directed by Francisco Vargas • With Don Àngel Tavira, Dagoberto Gama, Fermìn Martìnez • Produced by Camara Carnal Films


Don Plutarco, his son Genaro and his grandson Lucio live a double life: musicians and humble farmers, they also support the campesina peasant guerilla movement’s armed efforts against the oppressive government. When the military seizes the village, the rebels flee to the sierra hills, forced to leave behind their stock of ammunition. While the guerillas organize a counterattack, old Plutarco executes his own plan. He plays up his appearance as a harmless violin player, and makes it back into the military-occupied village to recuperate the ammunition hidden his corn field. His violin playing charms the army captain, who orders Plutarco to come back daily. Plutarco has music, but needs ammunition. The Captain wants to stifle the rebellion, but he loves music. Arms and music play cat-and-mouse and result in painful betrayal.

Mexico/2006/98 mins./Spanish