Memento Films International


Berlin, today. During a razzia for clandestine employees in a warehouse, the fates of three young German-born Muslims collide. Ismail, a police o!cer of Turkish descent, is about to break his loyalty towards his badge and his wife as he finds himself attracted to illegal immigrant Leyla. Sammi is torn between his Muslim faith and his irresistible desire for one of his male co-workers, despite his friends’ violent homophobia. He is appeased by the local Imam, a liberal religious leader revered by the community, who is going through a crisis of his own: his daughter, Maryam, is moving into an ultraconservative direction although she has been raised so tolerantly.

The three of them must find their place between faith and modern life in a contemporary Western society, between the luring liberated lifestyle and tradition.

Germany/2009/90 mins./German, Turkish, English