Memento Films International


Fengjie, China, 2005

Painter Liu Xiaodong visited the Three Gorges area to create his oil painting series. Eleven local deconstruction workers became the models on his live sketch. Fengjie, with its two thousand years of history, will be dissipated very soon. After the completion of Three Gorges Hydro Project, the whole city will be submerged under the water. During his stay with the models, the painter was gradually conquered by the reality.

Bangkok, Thailand, 2006

Under theseries, Liu Xiaodong invited eleven tropical women as the models on his next painting. The burning hot city lets the women be drowsy. Only the fruit on the floor keep its freshness. As the painter find himself exhausted, the women models cheer each other and sing a lively song together..

Both cities have their own river running across the city centre, galloping forward and never returning.

Hong Kong/2006/70 mins./Mandarin